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    HoGS was also awarded the Special Interest House Cup for the 2015-2016 academic year!

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More About Us

Who Are We.

The House of General Science is a venerated social, academic, and professional organization dedicated to fostering its member’s love of science and science­related fields. We have people from a wide variety of majors, not just the hard sciences and accept people from all majors. Some of the many subjects that our members study include engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and graphic design. However, all of our members have one thing in common: a love of science, and that is what brings us all together.


The social committee organizes a wide array of social events of various sizes. Our events encompass everything from sports such as walleyball, to relaxing activities such as coloring nights. Our community interacts with other Special Interest Houses through events including potlucks, trips to Lasertron (a local laser-tag facility), and the annual Special Interest House Talent Show. Some of our larger events include: an annual apple-picking trip, biannual trips to Letchworth State Park, and War Pigs, of course, a game created by HoGS modelled after capture the flag. The social committee maintains an active environment in our community.


HoGS has a large variety of resources at the disposal of its members. Our social lounge includes a flat screen plasma TV, a Nerf blaster arsenal, and a microwave! Additionally, members will often provide their own appliances, such as tea kettles, to be used by the rest of the floor. The technology lounge is equipped with a variety of tools available for all members to use in both academic and personal projects. Our study lounge is equipped with two whiteboards, tables and couches for members and their friends to work together on projects. The HoGS study lounge is also home to a textbook library, which includes both reference books and textbooks that can be borrowed for whole semesters. This library grows in size and variety every year.


The House of General Science has a long history of developing interesting and innovative projects to sate our desire to learn and create. The House has a wide range of projects including: a biolumenecent algae showcase, a Rubens tube that illustrates music with fire, an electromagnetic dart launcher, a "larger than life" piano, and many others. One of the biggest events of the year for HoGS is Imagine RIT, and we display more projects than any other student organization on campus. We welcome project ideas from any field and we are always excited to help develop them!

Community Service

The House of General Science is more than just a special interest house, it is a community. We fundraise for noble causes as an entire floor and we have a ton of fun doing it. This year, we raised over a thousand dollars for charity by hosting a 24 Hour live stream, called Extra Life. Also in 2015-2016, we painted a chair to be sold in a charity auction event and raised over $200 for arthritis research. We participate as a team in the annual Mud-Tug event, where the proceeds are all donated. All of these events are designed to give back to the community, while bonding as a Special Interest House.

Some of Our Events.

The House of General Science parpicipates in many traditional and fun events that bring us together.


Every year, HoGS visits Letchworth to enjoy food, nature, and socializing. We do all sorts of weird things such as swinging from vines or stick fighting.


Since apples are universally loved, HoGS visits the local apple farm to have a good time and enjoy good quality apples, apple donuts, apple cider, and honey sticks.


A traditional HoGS event, we battle each other in a capture the flag style game across dormside with Nerf blasters. This event has also been used to raise money for charity.

Off-floor Revolution

A recent event created by the 2017-2018 off-floor liason, Brian Hillier, he encourages off-floor pride with fun games such as dodgeball, Mario Cart, and a regenade Nerf blaster battle.


HoGS parpicipates in the annual Mud-Tug event, where teams compete with each other by tugging in a mud pool to raise money for charity, and also, to get extremely muddy.

HoGS Halloween Party

HoGS doesn't let a holiday go with out being celebrated! We have a costume contest, do pumpkin carving, enjoy food, and enjoy each other's company.

Our Executive Board.

Some of Our Members.

Testimonials From Our Members

  • "HoGS is a great way of meeting people with all different majors, backgrounds, and interests, while still having something in common - a love of the floor. I find it to be unique among clubs and SIHs at RIT that the members are not exclusively scientists or engineers or programmers, and this variety makes the experiences and bonds that are shared between the members only better."

    Author image
    Kenny Kim First Year, University Exploration
  • "I hear some people talk that their floor is generally quiet and calm with nothing going on. Here on HoGS, that's non-existent: there's someone doing something fun or interesting that everyone else can join in on almost every day. HoGS is probably the best decision I made regarding housing, and I am grateful."

    Author image
    Patrick Salts First Year, Computer Science
  • "Special Interest Housing is a very unique concept that you will not find at any other college. The House of General Science (HoGS) allows me to be surrounded by a bunch of nerds who are passionate about what they do, support me in what I do, and let me call them family. Joining HoGS has been the best decision I have ever made at college both socially and academically."

    Author image
    Cassy Smithies Fourth Year, New Media Design
  • "HoGS is like a dysfunctional, yet still functional family. We all come from different backgrounds, but when we are on floor, we are a big, happy, nerdy, family. If you ask someone for help with homework or even laundry, they are more than willing to help. In addition, most upperclassmen have taken the classes you have, so they can help. There are an infinite number of fantastic things to say about the House of General Science. It's the best part of my college experience."

    Author image
    Tyler Chinsky Third Year, Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
  • "From the moment I set foot on floor, this place has been my home away from home. It was so easy to make friends and I quickly became close to everyone. One of the huge benefits to being on floor is how easy it is to form study groups or find upperclassmen who have taken similar classes. (I have helped so many people with physics!) I could go on and on, but essentially, HoGS is a place where you can have crazy adventures, meet amazing people, be intellectually challenged, and excel academically."

    Author image
    Bryanne McDonough Fourth Year, Physics
  • "I love how HoGS is more than just a floor of nerds with a love of science. We are more than students working towards a BS or BFA. Some of us are musicians, some of us are artists. Some of us are fantastic at videogames or board games; amazing at knitting or crocheting. We are more than just talented individuals. We are a large group of friends, a community of people you can turn to, a family. HoGS has given me a chance. It has taught me to love myself and embrace my quirks.

    Author image
    Sarah Saunders Second Year, Graphic Design
  • "When I came to RIT, to HoGS, I was immediately accepted. There was no question or doubt in my mind that I could relate with every single person on and off this floor as soon as I met them. The great thing about HoGS, in my mind, is the sense of community. If someone is having a hard time with anything, stress, parents, relationships, homework, or anything else you need not go farther than a walk down the hall to receive the comfort or help you need. Although, many of us still butt heads every once in a while, we still choose to help one another. We are a family."

    Author image
    Michael McGowan Fourth Year, Environmental Science
  • "I love the fact that we are a community that bonds together to completely.
    You feel loved and accepted right away."

    Author image
    Emily (Em) Thomas Fourth Year, Applied Mathmatics
  • "I like that we are all weird and nerdy in different ways, but that's what makes us fit together."

    Author image
    Maryah Glover Third Year, Biology
  • "The best part about HoGS is that everyone is always willing to help you."

    Author image
    Travis Chaikin Third Year, Biochemistry
  • "I like that whenever you want to go get dinner, you can call down the hall, 'Who wants to go to Gracie's?' and at least five heads will peek out of the doors and say, 'Yes.'. You never have to eat alone."

    Author image
    Katie Wilson Fourth Year, Biochemistry
  • "I love how welcome HoGS wants everyone to feel. We are all so different but we have all found a home here."

    Author image
    Hanna Berga Fourth Year, Biology

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